Yardies polish horseshoes disc by the lake
Yardies polish horseshoes compairson
Yardies polish horseshoes disc by the pool

The Frizz



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Yardies polish horseshoes disc features
Yardies polish horseshoses disc features

This isn’t your typical flying disc. This 175 gram piece Mona Lisa is a custom YARDiES design. It’s extra pliable and soft plastic shell is engineered for ultimate (pun intended) feel.
It’s intential design is to be used in yard games (polish horseshoes, beersbee) but these discs can be used for ultimate, disc golf, recreation or the most badass trick shots you can come up with.

*Remote control not included.

What's Included

(1) Frizz (not short for frisbee). You throw it.

Yardies polish horseshoes disc

The Frizz

Built from extra soft and extra durable material.

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