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What I enjoy about polish horseshoes is that it doesn’t involve watching women’s basketball.

- Mike
Chicago, IL

yardies polish horseshoes by the lake


Me and a college buddy just schooled a team of 7 year old girls in beersbee. I see a career in teaching.

- Dick
Birmingham, AL

Yardies Polish Horseshoes being assembled


My beersbee set just turned my would-be tailgate of 3 middle aged families into a college co-ed film. Thank you YARDiES.

- Steve
San Diego, CA


The cooler compartment in the backpack already came in handy. Today I filled it with ham sandwiches and wine to practice for motherhood.

- Sarah
Buffalo, NY

Yardies polish horseshoes on a private jet


The only two things in life worth posting a 100+ second snapchat story for are a day full of polish horseshoes, and doing back flips with the Dali Lama.

- Sujay
Minneapolis, MN


The polish horseshoe poles came in handy last night when a would-be robber came into my house. I made some solid contact on a few swings with the top half of a pole before I realized it was my daughter coming home from college.

- Scott
Houston, TX


I met my husband while playing beersbee this past Saturday at my college’s tailgate. He just doesn’t know it yet.

- Louise
Phoenix, AZ

Yardies polish horseshoes on a hike


Friends had a party and ended up playing some beersbee in the shallow end of my pool today. Definitely could have used a lifeguard.

- Shlomo
Los Angeles, CA


Breaking out polish horseshoes at family functions is always a good time. I like being able to watch the pedigree of my non-athletic genes.

- Samantha
Atlanta, GA


Nothing brings out male camaraderie at a 5 year old girls birthday like a breaking out the beersbee set and a few cold ones.

- Justin
Tucson, AZ

Yardies Polish horseshoes in the snow


The list for what can get me out of bed in the morning on a Saturday is short. POLiSH Horseshoes just became the only thing on that list.

- Blake
Colorado Springs, CO

Yardies polish horseshes with a jeep


Steven Tyler wishes he could be as cool as the F***ing game.

- Brandon
Marshfield, MA


Polish horseshoes was the best part of my day today. I would still be playing if my wife didn’t CHOOSE to give birth to our first born son. Buzz Kill..

- Jeff
Chesapeake, VA


If I had this game when I was single, I wouldn’t have cried myself to sleep every night.

- Bert
Boise, ID


Two things prevent me from sleeping at night. 1. How are Wendy’s Burgers “Never Frozen”?? and 2. How am I going to convince my future wife to name my first Born son “Yardies”.

- Larry
Salem, NC


Seeing eye dogs are the only thing more impressive than this game.

- Kim
Mahwah, NJ

Yardies Polish horseshoes alabama tailgate


My dad just proved that the 70’s were filled with peace, love and ass-kickings via Frisbees.

- Jules
Boston, MA

Yardies polish horseshoes and naragansett


The storming of Normandy was less intense than the game of beersbee I just had at this graduation party.

- John
Tallahasse, FL

Yardies polish horseshoes in a hotel


The layout of this BurgerKing is not as conducive to playing indoor Polish horseshoes as initially thought.

- Adam
Seattle, WA


As an IT consultant, I rarely get out of the office to enjoy being outside. Or should I say enjoyed* considering I quit my job after playing this game for the first time..

- Mark
Dover, NH


I come from a family that’s all about Yard games. I now come from a family that’s all about Yardies.

- Glen
Boston, MA


I’ve been playing for beersbee for 2 years and I’ve been looking for a set exactly like this since played my first game. Yardies finally made what everyone wanted.

- Pam
Austin, TX


Holy sh*t. These guys take yard games seriously.

- Dan
San Diego, CA


What I like about yard games is that they bring everyone together outside. What I like about Yardies is that I know how now matter how wild everyone gets, the game isn’t going to break.

- Mike
Lexington, MA

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