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Yardies partner Savage Ultimate

SAVAGE | The Ultimate Apparel Company: Makes good look great; Apparel is clinically proven to enhance athletic performance.

SAVAGE is changing the game of sports apparel. Initially catering to the Ultimate community, SAVAGE has since expanded into a wide range of sporting industries providing top notch sporting apparel for the active world. Yardies is excited to be partnering with SAVAGE and their college teams to provide quality products on and off the field.

Yardies Partner Rob

Frisbee Rob Learned to read 3 weeks after birth; Scientific specimen for advancing human biomechanics.

Seriously though, this guy holds 6 (that’s right six) Guinness world records and counting. He spends his days traveling the world promoting the beautiful applications of Frisbees and being the best. We’re proud to have him as a sponsor and ambassador.

Yardies Partner Tomahawk shades

Tomahawk Shades Banned in 17 countries due to unimaginable sex appeal; Made from recycled armored vehicles; Double as 3D and night-vision goggles.

There’s a lot of sunglasses out there. There’s a lot of trash with two lenses out there too. These guys take sunglasses to the next level and formerly changed their name to shades. The highest quality sunglasses for prices anyone can handle. That’s what their all about and that’s why they work with Yardies. We’re proud to wear and be sponsored by them.

Yardies partner Maslife

MasLife Treat every day like it’s Fat Tuesday; Turn beaches into night clubs; Any beach they’re not on is considered a DMV waiting line.

They’re starting up and hosting the sweetest beach parties in Jacksonville. These guys are taking Florida by storm this starting this summer and taking it into the fall. Check them out and mark your calendars with their events.

Yardies ambassador carter

Strait Warwick Coined the phrase “I’ll take two”; Former stunt double for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson; Has a zero-Tolerance policy for the workweek”.

Strait’s straight killing it out in Arizona. This stallion is out and about the Phoenix area spreading the gospel of good times and showing people what Yardies is all about. Currently a student at ASU where he majors in fighting off the crowds of women who are constantly after him.

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