Yardies' Notables

Yardies notable Lary

Lary Herring: Machines metal with his bare hands; Tames large predatory animals; Drives his truck on the left side of the road just to prove a point.

Lary is the most compassionate and sincere man you will ever come across. This is something that is apparent the moment you meet him. As a former machinist for Delta Airlines, Lary possesses the knowledge and on the spot ingenuity that can only be found in a truly special person. Lary is a proud son, husband and father whose outmost priority is taking care of the people around him. He is credited with building several prototypes and designing the aluminum threaded inserts for PÔLiSH out of the kindness of his heart for two broke entrepreneurs. No one has been more instrumental in the pursuit of quality.

Yardies notable Jim

Jim Brown: Invented the internet; Eats Cereal comprised of rusted bolts and motor oil; Sells cars to cars salesman.

Jim has broken the business world down to an exact science and is an incredible educator/mentor to any entrepreneur or innovator. He is extremely compassionate about his work, and direct with his intentions. Jim was one of Yardies’ greatest resources in its early stages.

Yardies notable Wilkie

Bob Wilkie: Can complete a 30 Rack challenge before breakfast and finish the workday; Caught the Lochness monster on a small freshwater fishing pole; Is a volunteer Astronaut.

Mr. Wilkie is one of the most creative men you will ever meet. Working out of his shop in Providence RI, he is capable of creating and prototyping almost anything. He donated his own time and material to prototyping the first indestructible beer bottles that “aren’t great for bar fights”.

Yardies notable Len

Len Bulat: Pirate of Lake Michigan; Lyricist for Nicki Minaj; Car whisperer.

Mr. Bulat brought his expertise in labeling and applied graphics to Yardies. As the owner of Car Reflections, an applied graphics company, he was a great resource in selecting the right products and technology for Yardies logo applications.

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