Brand Ambassador

YARDiES is all about getting friends together, getting out there, and having a good time. We’re all about putting the remote control down, and telling the couch you won’t be back for a while because it’s time to live life.

YARDiES produces the highest quality outdoor games on the market. Period.  YARDiES Ambassadors are a projection of our brand. They are the highest caliber group of guys and girls who know when to stop working and get out and play. They enjoy being social, making creative decisions, and just flat out being awesome.

What do  YARDiES Ambassadors do? In short, they’re the boots on promoting the pieces of art that spray good times like an unleashed fire hydrant. They host  YARDiES sponsored events, do in-person demos, throw the best tailgates, spread the gospel of good times, and find creative and location-specific ways to do just that.  YARDiES HQ will be there every step of the way to ensure that this ambassadorship is the most fun, productive, and educational position you will ever have. Ambassadors will compete with their peers for the sweetest summer gig of all time.


  • - Host Yardies-sponsored events
  • - Create and execute marketing strategies
  • - Increase awareness of the brand
  • - In-person demos
  • - Social media campaigns
  • - Generate sweet media (video/pictures)
  • - Generate local and remote sales
  • - Maintain sales and revenue data
  • - Have fun with it

yardies polish horseshoes in school

High-Caliber Candidates:

  • - A fan of of our brand
  • - Entrepreneurial mindset with a focus in Marketing
  • - Motivated and Creative
  • - Active social life, personable, member of organizations/clubs
  • - Enjoys yard games
  • - Proficient in generating dynamic video and picture
  • - Good sense of humor

Interested in becoming awesome?

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