YARDiES doesn’t make phone apps. We don’t make staplers and we don't make workout videos. We make quality, outdoor, face-to-face, social products so you can enjoy the people around you.

Engineering quality fun is not the easiest task. Sure we could make our products from cheap plastics in a design that a 3rd grader thought up 15 minutes after getting their tonsils out, but we don’t. We take time to understand and decipher each outdoor product we make and then design around that. We know you’re not buying our products for decoration (they’re not throw pillows or Christmas wreaths). You’re buying our products to use and abuse them because that’s what they’re built for. You shouldn't have to worry about your yard games or favorite outdoor products disintegrating in a slight drizzle, shattering when your home team wins and you throw them off of your uncles RV, or breaking in half when your over-enthused friend uses them as a light saber and then later as a crutch. The only thing you should be worrying about is why your grandmother never returned your phone call and how much daylight is left. You can rest assured that your YARDiES products have been designed and tested to take the abuse you’re about to give it.

All of our yard games and outdoor products are designed, tested and abused before being put into production. If we’re not comfortable with our outdoor products, we go back to the drawing board until we are. We believe in craftsmanship. We believe in accountability. We believe in our yard games and your enjoyment. We’re proud of everything that we put our name on because we know the time and sweat that goes in to each product.

So, get everyone together. Whether it’s for a tailgate, camping, the beach, your back yard, or into the back alley; YARDiES will be built right to play right.

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